Russell Connor is an internationally known painter and writer who has contributed covers and illustrated essays to The New Yorker and The New York Times’ Book Review.
     After studying with Josef Albers at Yale, and years painting in Japan and France, he was invited by the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to be writer and host of Museum Open House, a nationally televised weekly gallery talk, produced with WGBH for public television for four years. While active as a painter, he also produced award-winning films on art, and was an early champion of video art.  In 1970 he curated the world’s first museum exhibition of video art at the Rose Art Museum of Brandeis University, and later collaborated  with Nam June Paik, Bill Viola, and William Wegman.
    Early influence of his grandfather, The New Yorker humorists, and the inspiration of museums and television finally merged to startling effect in his painting.  In 1997, Charles E.Tuttle Co., Inc. commissioned him to write Masters in Pieces: The Art of Russell Connor.  
    Amused by what he calls "the muddled mental museum we all carry around”, he combines well-known masterpieces in new compositions and new narratives.  The New York Times’ review said, “Magically, Connor whisks away the artifice of art history to forge some deeper connections, and makes us smile all the while.”

 Toys From My Attic, evolved from a performance the artist gave at the Cornelia St. Café in Greenwich Village, was created in the same spirit.

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Artist Russell Connor pulls out all stops in this often silly and delightfully illustrated collection of drama, poetry, and parodies playing with history and language. Connor truly searches through those old toys he'd stored away to come up with hilarious pieces featuring Jackie Mason, P.G. Wodehouse, Mark Twain, Herman Melville, William Shakespeare, and, of course, Attila the Hun. Among others. What emerges is a playful and clever tease, the kind that leaves a reader wanting more.

What They Might Have Said about Toys From My Attic:

"At first glance, this book appears to have been assembled between two and two-thirty after a bibulous lunch, and that’s the best time to read it."  Oscar Wilde

"Like a Colossus, this book stands astride the wreckage of several old jokes, blocking the approach of originality"    P.G. Wodehouse

"Essays, paintings, poetry and plays – it’s commendable of the author to tuck them all in one small book, a perfect gift for friends of a forgiving nature."  Mark Twain

"The title, Toys From My Attic, generously suggests something to play with, if your dog has lost his favorite bone."   Robert Benchley

"Versatility, like variety, spreads it all a little thin, leaving us hungry for one substantial dish, like Anita Ekberg."   S.J. Perelman

Our latest offering is an unusual book for us: Artist Russell Connor’s Masters in Pieces II, a fascinating and humorous collection of famous artworks that Connor has brilliantly juxtaposed in surprising and often thought-provoking ways. As Alan Alda wrote,"Russell Connor takes works of art that I know and love and marries them to others I know and love, and offspring of these marriages populate my mind with wit and insight. His art makes me see what I never saw before. I love it."

This marvelous collection includes over fifty paintings along with the descriptions and explanations of each one. Perfect for someone who wants to learn about great art as well as for someone who already knows and loves it.

ISBN 9780912887449

Price: $39.95

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