Tom Hall, & The Captain of All These Men of Death

by Russell Hill.


ISBN 978-0-912887-25-8



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The Never-Open Desert Diner

by James Anderson

$25 (hard copy only)

ISBN 978-0-912887-10-4

  House of Burnt Offerings, by Judith Skillman


ISBN 978-0-912887-3206

“Skillman creates wizardry with words, and as Skillman is a highly skilled poet, not just any words will do. Skillman bends and breaks standard syntax and meaning as she employs impressive vocabulary, narrative, and imagery for her own purposes, mining the hidden regions of dreams, myth, culture, and memory. She mixes a sliver of pain, a kernel of tenderness, a twist of satire, perversity, and bitterness, creating from it all a potent sauce of raw truth.” -  Ann Wehman


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Headwaters: Poems and Field Notes,

by Saul Weisberg


ISBN 978-0-912887-15-9

The Juried Heart, by James Clarke





A Woman Writing: A Memoir in Essays  -

What writing about writing taught me about determination, persistence, and the ups and downs of choosing a writing life

by Mary Lou Sanelli


ISBN 978-0-912887-29-6


Glenolden Park

by Richard Lloyd

An Empty Bowl book


ISBN 978-0-912887-37-1


Sister Maple Syrup Eyes

by Ian Brennan


ISBN 978-0-912887-33-3


The Domain of Silence / The Domain of Absence: New & Selected Poems 1963-2015

by Louis Phillips


ISBN 978-0-912887-19-7

Available October 2015