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Dick Bakken’s collection, The Whiskey Epiphanies
, is now available. This is a rare chance to read the work of one of the country’s outstanding poet/performers. As Barbara Drake, poet-in-residence at Lewis & Clark College, put it: “Imagine a medieval mummer reincarnated as the male lead in a 1940’s Hollywood musical done in the vocal rhythms of 1950’s beat poetry and you may have an inkling of the character of Dick Bakken’s poetry performances. His work
combines an innocent optimism with the frank style of street theater, a combination which seems not at all unlikely once you have seen his polished presentation.” ISBN 978-0-912887-07-4

this religious thriller, Richard Gid Powers weaves Church intrigue, mystical theology, ancient history, and legend into a high-stakes struggle for the soul of the Catholic Church. Powers, a historian and conspiracy analyst, holds nothing
back in this challenging and thoughtful look at one of the major rifts in the history of Catholicism. $19.95

ISBN 978-0-912887-01-2   ebook available for $8.99


The Never-Open Desert Diner

Hardback only - $25

James Anderson’s long-anticipated novel will be available in mid-January. The book is attracting lots of attention with reviews so far in Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Booklist, and Prose ‘n Cons. Everyone loves this book.

Pre-order by clicking here: